Christopher Isaacs is a seasoned, serial entrepreneur who has had success in diverse fields such as healthcare, real estate, technology and the travel industry. In addition to his own entrepreneurial endeavors, Mr. Isaacs is an advocate for creating entrepreneurial opportunities to improve economic opportunities, especially within underserved and minority communities. 

Mr. Isaacs most recent enterprise is Bundles & Body, LLC, which offers premium, luxury hair extensions.  Bundles & Body is headquartered in Washington, DC and is poised for international growth.  Mr. Isaacs is currently the Chief Executive Officer for Total Healthcare Solutions, LLC, which provides medical supplies, staffing, and management consulting services.  As CEO, Mr. Isaacs is responsible for strategic planning, business development, driving growth and establishing a corporate culture conducive to motivating employees.

Mr. Isaacs earned a BA in communications from Howard University.  He currently resides in Washington, DC with his wife, daughter and son.

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